At Warson Woods Family Dentistry, we understand your child’s wellbeing is of utmost importance to you. We want to work with you and understand your concerns.

Together, we can make the right oral health choices that will ensure your child has a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile for years to come.

Parents frequently ask us when they should first bring their young children to the dentist.

It is vital children start their early dental experiences with fun and easy visits. Our dental hygienists are great with the little ones, and take special care with their first visits. If seeing us for the first time as a patient feels scary, you might consider bringing them along on your dental visit. By doing so, your child will get to simply observe and we will work to allay any concerns or fears. Our primary goal with pediatric patients is to help them learn the importance of oral health and to instill good dental habits.

Early visits will focus on ensuring children are practicing good brushing and oral care. As children grow, we keep a close eye out for any dental issues that may develop and recommend treatment as necessary. We often recommend children get sealants along with cleanings. Dental sealants help prevent cavities, and could potentially save your child from pain and more problems as they grow older.

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